About BLVW

Artistic unique lamps and photo wallpaper with a meditative edge

Hi there,

Thank you for your interest in BLVW (Basic Light & Vibrant Wallpapers). My name is Lawrence Kwakye, and I am the founder of this project that combines art and design. As a designer and artist based in the Netherlands, I established BLVW in 2022 with the aim of exploring the relationship between the inner and outer worlds through my creations.

The lamps and wallpapers that I have designed are unique, and artistic, and offer a meditative experience. For instance, my “Into the Woods” lamp design provides a feeling of walking in a forest while you are sitting in your living room. This design element has been incorporated in a way that offers a meditative edge to the piece.

At BLVW, we strive to create designs that are not just visually appealing but also offer an experience that connects you to nature and the inner self. We believe that our designs have the potential to transform a space and add a touch of tranquillity to your daily life.

Thank you for considering BLVW for your design needs.

Best regards,

Lawrence Kwakye | Designer & Artist

BLVW a Sustainable concept

At BLVW, we are committed to sustainability and accountability in our materials and production process. Our lamps and wallpapers are made from sustainable materials sourced locally whenever possible. For instance, our wooden parts are supplied and manufactured by Nederhout, which primarily works with local Dutch wood. Additionally, the plastic lampshade with photo print is made of recyclable PET G, while the lampshades of the Natural and Art series are made of high-quality 400 gr Hahnemühle paper, to which jute and cotton are glued.

Our concept is unique in that we do not work with stocks, and all of our lamps and wallpapers are made to order. Each design has a limited edition, with a maximum of 50 pieces per year. We begin each lamp series with series 1 and gradually build up to higher numbers. In the case of the textile and paper series, each piece is a unique creation.

When you order a BLVW lamp, it comes complete with a lamp and is delivered by post/courier service in parts that are easily assembled, preferably by two people according to the instructions. While we primarily serve the private market, we are also open to project designs, such as small hotels with a maximum of 100 rooms or customized lampshades with atmospheric images for companies, including the option to place a company logo. For tailor-made projects, please contact us to discuss the possibilities.

We believe that by focusing on sustainability, accountability, and unique designs, we can provide our customers with an unparalleled experience that connects them to nature and the inner self. Thank you for considering BLVW for your design needs.

credits: photography & styling, vintage furniture by mooiestukken.nl