Artistic unique lamps and photo wallpaper with a meditative edge

The Concept



BLVW does not work with stocks. So all lamps and wallpaper are made to order. There is the first 1 of each design and the lamps are made to order with a maximum of 50 pieces per year. The lamp series start with series 1 and are slowly built up to higher numbers. This is a handmade product where the edition remains small and in the case of the textile/paper series, these are unique pieces.

The lamps are supplied complete with lamp according to the delivery conditions by post/courier service and are packed in parts that can be easily assembled, preferably by 2 people according to instructions.


BLVW focuses primarily on the private market but is also open to project design. Think of small hotels of Max 100 rooms or lampshades, especially with atmospheric images for companies with the option to place a company logo. These are tailor-made projects, so please contact BLVW about the possibilities.

We believe that by focusing on sustainability, accountability, and unique designs, we can provide our customers with an unparalleled experience that connects them to nature and the inner self. Thank you for considering BLVW for your design needs.